Home Visitation Programs

HMHB Second Edition_Cover_ Email LargeThe Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 and included provisions to support America’s Healthy Futures Act, a 5-year national initiative to support maternal infant and early childhood home visitation programs. The legislation also included new benchmark requirements for States. One benchmark requires home visitation programs to measure a reduction in “crime or domestic violence.” Futures Without Violence has been working with home visitation programs and providing domestic violence and child abuse training and education for more than a decade to transform how home visitors address and support families facing abuse through its tools and programs below:

Healthy Moms, Happy Babies (Second Edition): A Train the Trainers Curriculum  on Domestic Violence, Reproductive Coercion and Children Exposed Kit: This  newly updated research-informed curriculum includes PowerPoint presentations with speaker’s notes, discussion questions, video clips, role-plays, and other exercises and a supporting bibliography. Healthy Moms, Happy Babies: Train the Trainers Curriculum (Second Edition) was created to support home visitation programs to be equipped to help women and children living in homes with domestic violence. Please download the appendices here, and view the videos here: redefining safety planning to include emergency contraception, supervised visitations, and memorandum of understanding.

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