Assessment Tools

While assessment questions for IPV may be embedded in self administered medical history forms, asking questions about IPV also needs to be part of the face to face assessment between the provider and patient.

Research shows that using a brochure-based tool for assessment and brief counseling for IPV can improve health and safety of women receiving the intervention. In addition, these clinical tools can make the process of introducing IPV easier for the provider and the patient and promotes universal education on healthy relationships.

Clinical tools can be reviewed with patients in less than one minute.

The HRC offers setting specific tools that help providers assess for IPV, offer harm reduction strategies for patients and include resources and referrals.

These tools also serve to educate patients and were designed to be small, easy to conceal cards, based on strategies used by domestic violence advocates who are experts on safety planning with IPV victims. It is important to remember it may not be safe for some patients who are currently experiencing abuse to leave the clinic with the card.

  • Validated screening tools
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